The iOS 17.4 beta brought some cool new features, but one of the least talked about is the addition of generated card numbers for Apple Cash when Apple Pay isn't an option. This information came from a series of Reddit threads (via 9to5mac) that mention the feature and what it appears to be capable of.

According to users of the Apple Card feature in iOS 17.4 beta, there is a new pop-up that invites them to set up a virtual card number. Once generated, this new number can be accessed by Safari AutoFill and used to make online purchases. Users will be able to view the card in the wallet and generate new card numbers and CVC codes.

Apple Cash works more like a debit card than an Apple Card. Instead of having to pay it back over time, it works like a prepaid debit card that you can use to send and transfer money. While this means it's much harder to overspend, it also means there are none of the cashback benefits that can come with Apple Pay.

(Image credit: simpledsp @reddit)

The advantage of generating new codes is mainly a matter of security and online shopping with confidence. This makes it more difficult for scammers to clone the card number as they do not have the original details. It is also likely that the generated card numbers cannot be used more than once, so even if the number is cloned, it cannot be used to make another purchase.