Palmeiras won their fourth Brazilian championship in the points race era. In the latest, Verdão finished with the fewest wins among championship campaigns since 2016, the first in this dispute model.

Photo: (Cesar Greco/Palmeiras) / Gazeta Esportiva

In 2023, Verdão achieved 20 wins, finishing the competition as the second team with the most wins, behind runner-up Grêmio with 21 wins.

Of these triumphs, 14 came at home – either at the Allianz Parque, where Abel Ferreira's team played 16 games, or at the Arena Barueri, the venue that hosted three of Verdão's matches. The rest, as many as six, were away, including one of the most important matches, which was a 4-3 victory against Botafogo.

It was also the first time the club won the title in the final round. Last season, when Palmeiras were champions in the 35th round, they achieved 23 victories, the same as in 2018. In the same year, the team led by Felipão won the competition in the 37th round.

In 2016, when they also won the penultimate round, Verdão had the most wins of all those campaigns, taking three points on 24 occasions.