Carlos Ancelotticoach of Real Madridjust passed by the press room Olympic stadium from Berlin to analyze the match against Union. A hard-fought victory, by 2-3, but which marks Real Madrid's third plenary session in its history in the Champions League after those achieved with Mourinho (2011-12) and with its own Carletto (2014-15).

The party

“A slightly strange game. It was well controlled for 40 minutes and in two crazy minutes they made it difficult for us. In the second half we tried to be a little more effective, we came from outside more to cross because we have a very good header.” “He scored two goals with a header and we hadn't done that in the first half. When we try more inside with less space, when you have a striker like Joselu you have to try more crosses. If you have a player like that, you have to know how to take advantage of that.”


“It's a deserved goal, it took a long time for him to come back and he didn't have a good moment, apart from the goal which is important for him, his game was important, showing all the qualities he has. to see what this squad has.” “They have a lot of resources and took advantage of the opportunity to have more minutes than usual. The goal is important. Their game was complete.”

Valverde's change at half-time

“That's how it was planned.”


“Joselu scored eight goals, his start to the season is good and he is an important player for us. With very closed teams, due to his characteristics he is a player who helps us a lot”.


“It was a silly yellow. No physical risk, because he is very good. He helped us a lot. The only change prepared was Kroos for Valverde.”

Fran Garcia

“He was very good. In the second half we changed something with Rodygo and he played a serious and very good game.”

Penalty shootout

“Looking for a reason is very complicated. Luka is cold and often scores. It's not something easy to train, training is cold. I hope we can change that. We are trying with Bellingham, Rodrygo, Joselu… “.


“There are no doubts or doubts in the group stage. We did very well. The only thing is that in the last games we played, this one and the one against Betis, we didn't manage the advantage well. Possession alone is not enough, it is necessary finish”.