Dani Ceballos gave Madrid victory in Berlin. I celebrated angrily: for the minute (89'), because it was 2-3 and for what was inside.


“I'm slowly gaining confidence. It's true that I'm not at my best, but the goal helps.”

Support in difficult times

“The team has always given me a lot of confidence. But above all it is the support of my family. It was difficult times, due to injuries and because I entered the games and couldn't find the rhythm. But now I'm happy for the victory and for the completeness “I worked in this with people from the club. What happened on the field of my former team and my former fans was not easy for my emotional level”.

Euro Cup

“Two or three weeks ago I only thought about enjoying the countryside. I'm very happy.”

The hug with Ancelotti

“If I'm in Madrid, it's a key to why I'm here today. You know how bad it has been, you always support me. I've said to you that you're very happy with the goal. Your confidence is a key to me. You're like a priest to me. all of us”.