• I visited two Target stores, one in Wisconsin and one in New York, to see how they compared.
  • Target in New York was a smaller store with many items secured on closed shelves.
  • In the Midwest, Target was much larger and included a Starbucks, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

When I moved from Wisconsin to New York I left the giant over 10 years ago supermarkets from the suburbs behind.

Now, when I run a Target campaign, I shop in what the company calls a “small format store” designed specifically for urban neighborhoods.

After announcing the closure of nine stores in four metropolitan areas in October due to rising retail crime, including one location in Manhattan, many Target stores they also increase their security by storing more items on closed shelves.

It’s been a few years since I’ve shopped at a larger Target store outside of New York City. On a recent visit home to Wisconsin, I decided to return to the suburban Target of my youth to compare both locations and shopping experiences.


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