• Taco Bell tested it this year, more than a dozen products across the United States.
  • I tried a few, including the new Breakfast Tater Tots, which premiered on November 16 in Chicago.
  • Some items should go back to the testing lab, but others should go back to the country.

Taco Bell is a household name testing crazy, experimental menu items in various cities across the country to gauge interest in a possible nationwide launch.

So far this year, the Mexican-inspired fast food chain has tested and launched about 15 products, including Triple Crunch Mexican pizza in Nebraska and Street Chalupas in Indianapolis.

“Like any innovation, a lot of work is committed to bringing new menu items to life,” Taco Bell told Business Insider. “We work on countless iterations, test numerous options, and gather fan feedback before items reach restaurants.”

The network also gives media the chance to try out some food products before they are launched on the market. I tried a few fast food experiments.

Some items should be shipped domestically, others require more work in a testing lab. Let’s take a closer look.


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