At the press conference after the draw against the bottom of the championship, Santo André and Abel Ferreira gave a press conference to journalists still inside the Bruno José Daniel Stadium. The Portuguese coach talked about today's match, the tight schedule and the mental state of young striker Endrick, who was eliminated from the fight along with the Brazilian national team […]

February 12
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At the press conference after the draw against the bottom of the championship, Santo André and Abel Ferreira gave a press conference to journalists still inside the Bruno José Daniel Stadium. The Portuguese coach talked about today's match, the tight schedule and the mental state of the young striker Endrick, who, along with the Brazilian national team, was eliminated from the fight for the third Olympic gold in a row.

Asked about returning to Allianz Parque and the tight schedule of state games, Abel said: “That's another problem we have to face, not playing at home. This is not the only situation, another situation is the number of matches played, which forces us to cope. I always say that football is about efficiency, and today we failed in several moments, after corner kicks, after a very long pass. In top-level football, we always have to be in touch. We only managed to score one goal, which is a pity because I think we deserved more goals. Last year we were the team that produced the most. Today the opponent only shot at our goal twice and scored once.



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Abel also commented on the midfield, an area where he has had fewer parts issues this season. “Aníbal gives us more options, we have Fabinho who is doing well and growing. We have five matches in a row every two days, we have to manage the players in such a way that we do not lose any more players due to injuries. Zé and Veiga have different characteristics, it is a squad with many players to play the role of 5 and 8, Menino can also play in 10. We need more options to play in 10, so that when Veiga joins the national team, we will have Luis and Jonathan are options if no one comes.

Coach Alviverde was upset with the way the team accepted the draw: – We have to be more focused in the last minutes not to allow the opponent's striker to play deeper. we created enough to score more goals, but we weren't competent enough to do it.

Referring to the rotation he promoted at the beginning of the season, Abel said: “It's so that we don't have injured players. Palmeiras has few injuries this season, not only because of its good core performance, but also because it has a brave coach who likes to give everyone a chance. Some people hold on with their teeth and nails, we can count on them. For some we have to be patient. I'm not thinking about three games from now, I'm thinking about one at a time. After the last match at the Barueri arena, we saw the players we had, we put together a good team, I think we played well. With good dynamics and good opportunities to score a goal. It doesn't matter if I replaced three, seven or five, the difference is how many chances we had. Look who didn't improve, look who traded, who let the ball reach, they know what they can improve to not give the opponent a chance to score, today we were punished, and severely, for our lack of effectiveness during the match.

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Regarding the turf at the Bruno José Daniel Stadium and subsequent opponents, Abel briefly replied: “Personally, I prefer good synthetic grass to bad natural grass. And I don't comment on my opponents.”

Regarding Brazilian striker Endrick's mental health, Abel said: “I spoke to him on the phone before the season started, I don't have any more information. You'll have to come and make an assessment like everyone else and then we'll see what's best for the team. The psychological part, I still don't know, I have to talk to him, we have a lot of expectations, no one is anyone in front of them. Brazilian footballers are used to being idolized and massacred by the press. I see him as a mentally strong person, we will accept him and undergo tests. It's one thing what happens in the national team, another thing is everyday life in the club. When he arrives, he will be competed by two players who are doing very well, Flaco and Rony. I can't do what's best for player A, B and C, but for the whole team. These are my assumptions and this is how I will continue. He comes tomorrow, talks to me, does tests and then we will see what we will do.

When asked about the striker who is in the pre-Olympic team, whether he will have more chances in the starting lineup after his return and about the chances of the players from the base: “I don't play players because they are pretty, I play them because they work all week long and have the coach's trust. He reaps whatever he sows. He has been here since the beginning of my work, but in this year and a half he comes more often and we do it with several players, such as Luís and Estevão. We know that some are further ahead and others are further behind. Everyone thinks they can be the new Endrick, not only them, but also the managers and parents. This has a big impact on their minds and God's timing is not the same for everyone, we have to be very patient. In high performances they ask us to perform, to succeed, so they must be prepared for their emancipation, because they often skip phases. Luís Guilherme has played several matches under the age of 20, which comes with good and bad things, because they have to go through all the processes to consolidate the whole process, whether it is done well, there are players who can do it faster , others take longer. Unfortunately, a professional is not a training, here the requirements are maximum, the rigor is maximum, and mistakes pay dearly, you have to prepare for it and adapt, and we are here to help them when they do it right and when they make a mistake, because I'm the one who puts them on the field and that's my responsibility.”