César Luis Menotti, the under-78 world champion, is a Seleção fan and says Brazilian football is experiencing a “cultural decadence” resulting in defeats at the Pre-Olympic Games

February 12
– 22:40

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Photo: Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP via Getty Images – Caption: Cesar Luis Menotti is the current director of the national teams of the Argentine Football Association / Jogada10

The decadent moment the Brazilian team is going through doesn't just worry Brazilian-born fans. One of the great names of Argentine football and a world champion with his country in 1978 as coach, César Luis Menotti did not hide his disappointment with Amarelinha's current situation.

Having been a fan of Brazilian soccer in the past, he said he was embarrassed by the loss at the Pre-Olympic Games. Ramon Menezes' men lost to the Argentines last Sunday and will not go to the Paris 2024 Games. Menotti, now a commentator, criticized Brazil – despite being the current two-time Olympic champion – the day after the defeat.

“Brazil in the 1970s was a revolution in football, it had great players and a lot of courage. I was living in Brazil and they were talking about the madness of a coach who used four number 10s but who played the same way. They were all Messi “I'm ashamed of what's happening to Brazil. I had an incredible moment for them in the 70 World Cup. I saw all the preparations when we were man by man,” he told Rádio D Sports.

Menotti: “Brazil is in a different world”

The former coach, also AFA national team director, cited the existence of a “cultural decline” in Brazil, which in 2023 had its worst year for the men's main team since 1940. Also last year, the U-20 team was eliminated by Israel in the Cup The world in this category.

“I think there is a cultural decline, they are in a different world. I don't understand how they can play so badly, without ideas and without supporting all their brilliant history, but I hope they will recover. It's nice that they continue to do bad things against us, but I hope they will improve,” concluded Menotti.

Moreover, Brazil recently had a bad moment in the match against Argentina. The defeat at the Pre-Olympic Games was the third since 2021, with Canarinho losing the Copa América final in the middle of the Maracanã. November also saw a 1-0 defeat in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, once again at the Temple of Football Stadium.

César Luis Menotti comments on Brazil with the facts. After all, as a player he defended Santos and Juventus-SP in the late 1960s. He was even champion of São Paulo and Taça Brasil 1968. When he became a coach, he managed the national team, as well as teams the size of Barcelona, ​​Boca Juniors, River Plate and Atlético de Madrid . Now he is 85 years old, He is one of the few Argentines who has already stated that Pelé is better than Maradona.

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