Hunter Schafer, known for her role on the hit series “Euphoria,” recently opened up in a GQ cover story about her desire to stop being defined solely by her trans identity. The young actress expressed her desire to be seen simply as a girl and to shift the focus away from her trans status.

Schafer revealed that he turned down many trans roles, stating, “I just don't want to do it.” She emphasized her desire to be recognized for her work as artistrather than being classified into roles based on their gender identity.

Reflecting on her activism during high school, where she challenged discriminatory legislation in North Carolina, Schafer admitted to feeling pressured to make her art a response to social issues related to being trans. However, she has intentionally moved away from this focus in her artistic endeavors, choosing to explore a wider range of themes and expressions.
In the profile, Schafer also opened up about the loss of her friend and “Euphoria” co-star Angus Cloud, who tragically passed away last summer from an accidental drug overdose at age 25. ” and “sunshine”, highlighting her positive impact on the show and her friendship.
Mourning the loss of Cloud, Schafer expressed the surreal experience of losing a friend his own age for the first time. She emphasized the profound impact Cloud had on her and the cast of “Euphoria,” describing him as a vital part of the heart of the show.

Schafer's candid reflections shed light on her personal journey and the challenges she faced navigating fame, identity and loss in the entertainment industry. Despite the difficulties, Schafer remains committed to her craft and hopes to be recognized for her talents beyond her trans identity.