• Nvidia is looking for more than 1,000 jobs in the U.S. and abroad, many of them related to artificial intelligence.
  • The company’s vice president of recruiting spoke to Insider about how candidates can prove themselves.
  • Here’s what it says about ChatGPT, using your network, and applying for an internship.

Nvidia is driving the artificial intelligence revolution, and the chip giant is ramping up hiring to keep pace.

The Santa Clara-based company makes graphics processors, specialized computer chips that companies like Microsoft use to train and deploy their own artificial intelligence models. Key chips have fueled Nvidia’s stock skyrocketing, with it surging more than 200% in the past year.

In response to demand, Nvidia has announced plans to triple production of its $40,000 chips, build artificial intelligence factories and release its newest, most powerful graphics processor called the H200 in 2024.

All this requires human power, which the company employs.

As of November 14, Nvidia has 1,810 job openings worldwide. The majority of positions are within the company’s engineering department – including chip designers, software engineers and AI product developers – but there are also more than 100 openings available in operations, sales and program management.

“We have a lot of opportunities,” Lindsey Duran, vice president of global recruiting at Nvidia, told Insider. “Many of our goals continue to focus on engineering and artificial intelligence.”

Here are 5 tips for getting hired at Nvidia, according to the company’s top recruiting leader.

1) Highlight your skills on your CV

This may seem obvious, but include specific skills on your CV.

For technical positions in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Duran said Nvidia is looking for a strong math background; computer vision skills; and knowledge of programming, machine learning, deep learning algorithms, data handling and the use of graphics processors.

Duran said showcasing this expertise is especially important for candidates with a liberal arts background.

These skills are transferable to positions at Nvidia such as AI developer, security architect, and AI generative performance engineer – some of which offer salaries as high as $333,500.

2) Explain that you have more than just a degree

Duran said that beyond technical knowledge, job candidates should be clear about what sets them apart.

Candidates stand out when they clearly outline their career milestones, leadership skills and personal achievements in their CV or interview, she added. For example, showing off past projects demonstrates problem-solving skills, mastery of a particular topic, and influence.

Communicating your career development is especially important for candidates who come from non-traditional educational backgrounds.

“There has to be something that shows what makes you special,” Duran said. “There may be many who will say, ‘I have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree,’ but really, how do you show on your resume that you stand out?”

3) Show interest in generative AI, but be careful how you use it

With AI powering Nvidia, it makes sense that the chip giant would take into account the ability to use AI tools like ChatGPT when hiring.

Still, Duran maintains that it’s a “relatively new skill” and that interest in the topic matters a lot for a specific tool.

“Technology is evolving so fast,” Duran said regarding artificial intelligence. “We need to find people who are able to learn and develop because new skills may be needed in the next few years.”

One thing to avoid: using ChatGPT to navigate the application process. Duran said that recruiters at Nvidia caught candidates using ChatGPT during job interviews even though they were prohibited from doing so.

4) Take advantage of your professional network

Knowing someone who works at Nvidia can increase your chances of getting hired.

Duran said Nvidia has a “very strong” employee referral program, which the company often uses to make hiring decisions.

5) Do an internship

If you’re just starting your career and don’t have the skills required for a specific position, Duran suggests applying for an internship.

She added that students, master’s students and graduate students – even candidates with unconventional backgrounds – are applying for internships at Nvidia.

As of mid-November, there were 154 internship positions available at Nvidia, including sales and research positions.

Internships in the US pay between $19 and $93 per hour, depending on the candidate’s background.


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