ANDl good performance Antonio Griezmann This season is leading him to earn a renewal. Enrique Cerezoafter the lunch of the directors of Atlético de Madrid and Lazio before tonight's game, he was optimistic about the time before renewing some of his players and was categorical about the sale of the club: “Atlético de Madrid” is not for sale, is that clear?”

Mario Hermoso and his renovation. “There is a long time before his contract expires. All renewals are ongoing. When it is clear what the outcome is, it will be communicated.”

We can compare Griezmann with all Atlético de Madrid players like Aragons, Grate…

Enrique Cerezo

Griezmann and his future renewal. “I don’t think we’re in renewal negotiations with him, but if he has to renew, renew.”

Comparison with Griezmann. “We can compare Griezmann, in addition to Di Stfano, Kak and Zidane, to all Atlético de Madrid players such as Aragons, Grate…”.

Defeat against Barcelona. “It was a shame the setback because we had a chance to draw. That's football. We didn't play well in the first half, but we played a magnificent second half. We have a game in hand and we are two points behind Real Madrid. It's a phenomenal campaign and With luck we will be able to close the end of the winter in the top three with a difference of one point up or down”

Girona plays very well and goes first on its own merits

Enrique Cerezo

Girona season. “They are having a great season. In football we know that there is no easy enemy. It is a team that goes first on its own merits and because it deserved it and plays very well.”

Positive sequence in the Metropolitano. “That’s 20 wins in a row. This means that the team is well, that it has desire and as our master says, there is a magnificent union between the fans, the players, the coaches, the managers, and everyone is happy. and happy. We hope to finish first in the group tonight.”

The importance of finishing first against the threat of City and Arsenal. “We are interested in being the first to avoid them in the beginning.”