Senator Luis Carlos Heinze (PP-RS), in his speech at the plenary session on Tuesday (12), celebrated the signing of the tender notice for the employment of a company that will be responsible for the dredging of the São Gonçalo Channel – the Brazilian waterway that connects Lagoa Mirim with Lagoa dos Patos in Rio Grande do Sul.

The parliamentarian emphasized that this solution should stimulate trade between the two countries through the Port of Rio Grande, one of the largest industrial and port hubs in Rio Grande do Sul. The notice also provides for signaling of the future Brazil-Uruguay waterway.

— After dredging, after signaling, once they are in progress in the first year, in the second year to obtain a license. It would be the first “toll” waterway in Brazil. This is very important for the north and northeast of Uruguay, he said.

The senator recalled his meeting with Uruguayan President Luís Lacalle Pou in March 2020, the aim of which was to discuss partnerships to improve cargo transport, especially agricultural products, and diversify economic activities, such as increasing food production in one of the poorest regions of Uruguay. In addition to improving import and export logistics, reducing transportation costs.

— It diversifies the region, increases production, because they [produtores uruguaios] they must reach the port of the Rio Grande. They want to export through the port and they want to import through the port. Today, for example, the intensive fertilizer used for plantings in this region must be transported by truck for almost 500 kilometers from Montevideo to the region. It will arrive by water, a distance of 200 kilometers. In addition, it is cheaper than a truck, he emphasized.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)



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