lewis hamilton Two years have passed since he got used to losing. And he doesn’t handle it too badly for what he could be. We must bear in mind that ’44’ is a driver used to destroying. There are his numbers to corroborate this. The one from Stevenage has won seven World Cups. And he has 103 victories, 104 pole positions and 197 podiums. But now he had to suffer the tyranny imposed with an iron fist by Max Verstappen.

The fact is that Lewis doesn’t beat Saudi Arabia andn Abu Dhabi doesn’t seem to break the spell. The worst thing for the prized British competitor is that the future looks bad for Mercedes. That’s why I said, in statements to Celestial sportsthat F1 must “Find a way” to prevent the teams from advancing so much in the development of the cars. It refers, of course, to Red Bull, whose RB19 is the most dominant car in memory (it won 20 of the 21 races held; Max won 18, while Checo took two victories). And what’s more, it gave them so much scope that it allowed them to work on improving it for next year.

Hamilton touches the star on his team’s logo.MERCEDES AMG-F1

Lewis theory

The heptacampen tries to think about positive things instead of getting depressed. At the end of the day it’s in Mercedes. The Silver Arrows cast has had some bad seasons, but it’s normal for them to end up reacting. “The best thing about our team is that maybe we started with the wrong package, but it’s a great team in terms of unity, evolution and development. We’re a very good team in the development department and when it comes to trying to pick up, but It’s a very steep path from where we started. When we won world championships, we could stop early and start developing the next year’s car, so we always had an advantage.“, he remembers.

He continues: “That’s why I argued that we should probably find a way to stop this inertia so that this doesn’t keep happening decade after decade. You have Ferrari winning for a period of time and then Mercedes.” Now Red Bull has had its era. They could extend their dominance until 2026. This is what it means to be so far ahead. Unless other groups find the key, this will continue like this. We hope that we understand the way forward and fill this gap“.

A matter of time… and age

What is clear is that Hamilton 38 at and it will be increasingly difficult for him to reach the eighth crown. You are running out of time to perform at the highest level. Something similar happens with Fernando Alonso. The Asturian, at 42 Aprilyou need Red Bull stop dominating as you have done in the last two campaigns. Of course, overwhelming hegemony is what worries so much Mercedes, Ferrari or Aston Martinlike the directors themselves of a competition that became an energetic monologue.


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