WArlos Sainz spoke to Formula 1 media for the first time today, following the announcement of Hamilton's arrival in 2025 and his departure from Maranello after four brilliant years sharing a team with Charles Leclerc.

“Firstly, I want to highlight the many messages of support over the last few weeks and I want to thank you. I felt and feel privileged to have been at Ferrari for three and now four years, now you can go to any team, I got podiums and victories, so I'm positive.”

Coach. “I don’t need to show what I can do after nine years in F1 and four at Ferrari. New year, new opportunities for new successes, we will see the step the car has taken, let's see if we defend the position less this year and we can advance further and improve some points, let's see what we can get from the car this year.

Being a Ferrari driver, winning races, etc., there are many opportunities out there, I need time and information and I will make my decision

Carlos Sainz

Favorite. “Verstappen is the clear favorite and they also started early to improve the car for 2024, but Ferrari finished strong, we have been strong throughout the season and we are confident to start as we finished.”

More or less stress. “I think I put pressure on myself and it's the same thing, the desire to win, to be champion hasn't changed, we have the same objective and ambition, even more focused if possible on having the best car possible, without so much concern about development. of the future”.

Simulator. “No one has seen anyone on the track yet, so we have to be positive, I have seen the work and mentality behind its construction over the last 10 months, I don't know if it will suit my style, let's see if it suits. it gives good results on the track “and if it doesn’t give us bad moments. We identified the problems we had and I hope we have resolved them, which is something we still have to see on the track.”

Hamilton. “It was a surprise for everyone, for everyone and for me, although I already knew this before, so I had time to digest it and work well in 2024. It will be a long process and I want to now take your time to hear all the options, all information as possible and make the decision. Now I'm thinking about Bahrain and having the best year possible.

Help Leclerc. I've always been a team player and I've always worked like that in each team and if it's necessary to win the title, if Charles needs it, of course I'll help, because Charles will do the same if I'm the one who needs it. this. I also hope that this is not the only opportunity I have to fight for a title, so it is a very important year for me, it is my last opportunity at Ferrari but not in F1, I am ready for whatever comes, there are many options and the decision will be made in a few months. In the meantime, I will work to close the gap with Red Bull as much as possible.”

Best memory. “The first lap in Fiorano, the first podium, the first pole or victory and the one in Singapore, in addition to other interns in this team, I have good friends and great engineers and mechanics. I hope to have new ones this year. “