The defender was called up for the match against Portuguesa

Corinthians' new signing this season, Gustavo Henrique, arrived excited and happy to wear Timão's shirt. The player compared his new phase with the one he played at Flamengo and said that playing for Team do Povo is like a calling.

Photo: Lance!

– When I went to Flamengo, there was a survey with Corinthians and Palmeiras, but I practically ended my cooperation with Flamengo. That was the only time the Corinthians came looking for me, but this time was different. Playing for Corinthians is like a calling, you can't refuse. I will do everything in my power to work and earn my place here.

The defender also praised coach António Oliveira, who ended a five-game winless streak and beat Portuguesa in Paulistão. The defender said that the coach works a lot with his sector.

– He arrived in a great mood. This is a great opportunity for him in his career. He has a great understanding of football. There are several formations, not only with three defenders. He's a great coach, he did a great job. We are waiting and hoping that it will happen again here. It is important that we become more and more solid defensively so that the offense can decide games. He trains the defense line a lot, which means we suffer less when we are organized.

In the match against Portuguesa, Gustavo Henrique was on the bench for 90 minutes. The player may have the opportunity to make his debut in a Corinthians shirt in Wednesday's match against Botafogo-SP (14).



– I feel 100%. In Valladolid he played and trained normally. When I arrived here, Corinthians has excellent physical training, the physiotherapists and doctors said I had a muscle imbalance. They reached an agreement that Valladolid would pay me my salary while I was recovering. I feel good, prepared. I am much more balanced in strength and weight tests and I hope to help Corinthians.


– I think that both are a great challenge. These are two shirts that demand a lot from the athlete. We have to be mentally prepared, strong. When I arrived at Flamengo, the team was already assembled. Thank you for trusting my work on this reconstruction, because we know that the configuration of the board, new players, new committee has changed a lot. It's time to stay mentally strong to achieve our goals.


– Dead ball, you have to have a big attitude. There is no point in limiting ourselves to height, but we must take a good position and maintain a compact space in relation to each other. If the ball goes through one, the other must be in range to attack the ball.


– It was very good. It was my life's dream and I managed to fulfill it. I worked with a trainer who also worked in Brazil. I believe that tactically and physically I have grown and evolved. Mentally too, because it's a very busy match, you can't give any gaps, otherwise the opponents will score goals. I come here to enjoy, to play with joy and light, because there will be plenty of support from the fans. The lighter it is, the more reliable it is.


– There will always be pressure. I try not to focus on social media and what they say. Every day I try to do my job. We know there is pressure, but we know that the Corinthians fans are pressing from start to finish. It's about playing with joy, confidence and that everything will move forward.


– Every day we try to talk as much as possible and share a bit of my experience and my learning. I believe that a conversation or chat to determine the appropriate positioning helps a lot. If the defense system is well positioned, it is difficult for the opponent to score. Dialogue between both sides will always be important.


– Everything happened very quickly. I was in Valladolid, I had contact with Corinthians and I didn't think twice. I would like to thank the management who did everything they could and were patient with the imbalance. Because of the trust they had in them, they said they counted on me to change the lineup of players. I am happy with everything and I will work hard to achieve it.


– You can expect a very tough player who will always try to give his all on the pitch. If you're not technically in good shape, go to the race. I have played against Corinthians at the Arena several times and I know how difficult it is and the atmosphere in the game is very pleasant. You can expect a lot of willingness, dedication, professionalism, and I will sacrifice myself to make it happen.