Gillian Anderson has revealed she regrets returning to work so quickly after having her son.

The 55-year-old actress opened up about managing her responsibilities in her professional and personal life during an appearance onToday on Wednesday. Anderson is a mother of three, as she and ex-husband Clyde Klotz welcomed daughter Piper, now 29, in 1994. Anderson and her ex-boyfriend, Mark Griffiths, also share two sons, Felix , 17, and Oscar, 15.

During Anderson's appearance on Today, co-anchor Savannah Guthrie recalled how, after the actor gave birth to Piper, she didn't take much time off from work. At the time she had her baby, Anderson was filming her hit TV show,The x-files.

“Ten days after giving birth – by C-section, I might add – you were back at work,” Guthrie said. “Which talks about jaw dropping. That was in the 90s.”

When Guthrie asked how she “feels about it now,” Anderson confessed that if her feelings about her work were different, she wouldn't have returned to set so quickly.

“I think if I didn't feel so guilty about getting pregnant in season one, I could have taken better care of myself and thought more about what I needed,” she said. “And I was more thoughtful about what I needed in my best interest at the time.”

She went on to recall some of the fears she had about her career that encouraged her to return to work so quickly after her C-section.

“But I think I was so involved: 'I almost got fired, I made a mistake, I'll do whatever they say,'” Anderson continued. “So yes, 10 days after a C-section. But we're still talking about it, right? It's interesting. Because, whatever it is, 30 years ago.”

Guthrie praised Anderson for now becoming a voice for female empowerment, as the actor recently released a book, To want, which features anonymous letters about sex from different women. She then pointed out a common theme in these letters: women saying they're not sure how to ask for their wishes.

“And at the end of the day, probably what stands out most is the degree to which women struggle to ask for what they want, both at work, in relationships and in the bedroom,” she said of the book. “And so, it’s worth continuing to talk about.”

This is not the first that The fall star shared her candid thoughts about becoming a mother for the first time. During an interview with Thank you magazine in March, she confessed that she felt lost after having her first child. “I didn’t know what the hell I was doing!” she said. “You are upside down and sometimes you feel like you are going crazy.”

The crown the student once again shared her mixed feelings about returning to work 10 days after her C-section, explaining, “I wouldn't have chosen this, but I didn't have a choice.”

She also said that when she became a mother for the second time, she managed her work schedule differently.

“[After] the second, I spent more than a year without working. It took over a year before I felt like I was 'in' my body,'” she said.