New York Giants rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito spoke to reporters on Wednesday and shared how Week 1 starter Daniel Jones continued to serve as a mentor while DeVito became an undrafted fan favorite.

“When he's around, when he's finishing rehab and he's either here or in the quarterback's room, I always pick his brain, just talk to him,” DeVito said of Jones, according to Giants website.

Key backup Tyrod Taylor was already sidelined by injury when Jones went down with a season-ending anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear on November 5. DeVito lost he started in Jones' place for the first time in the NFL, but has since led the Giants to three straight wins. The New Jersey native has seemingly replaced Jones in the hearts of some local fans.

As he noticed Ryan Chichester from Audacy WFAN radio host Evan Roberts suggested Tuesday that Jones is “very worried” about DeVito's career as the 26-year-old recovers from a major setback. DeVito indicated Wednesday that this is not the case at all.

“He's probably always the first text on my phone right after the game ends,” DeVito said of Jones. “I usually see him here the next morning getting treatment. That's why we always talk and he always comes first.”

Before undergoing knee surgery, Jones praised DeVito's confidence and work ethic, traits that helped the 25-year-old achieve success as QB1 in the nation's largest sports market after beginning his rookie professional season as an option on the practice squad. DeVito touched on some of the advice he received from Jones over the past month.

“He just stays composed all the time,” DeVito said of what he learned from Jones. “It's the same situation as it always is in college and everything else. When everything is going well, everyone loves you, and when you don't win, everything is… people don't like you, right? There's always someone saying this and that about you. So stay calm through it all.

Jones knows a lot about the ups and downs of being a professional athlete in the New York market, considering the home crowd chanted his name less than 12 months ago after helping the Giants clinch a playoff berth. There's a lot to be said early next year that DeVito will likely replace Jones full-time, but it looks like the 2019 first-round draft pick is currently doing everything he can to help the rookie maintain his 5 -8 Giants in the playoff hunt ahead of Sunday's upcoming game against the 6-7 New Orleans Saints.



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