New York Giants icon, CBS Sports NFL analyst and Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalist Tiki Barber wants everyone to remain realistic about the future of Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito as he faces his rookie career.

“Let's hit the brakes on Tommy DeVito challenging and being a starting quarterback in the NFL,” Barber said during Tuesday's edition of WFAN's “Evan and Tiki,” according to Ryan Chichester by Audacy. “I'm not saying he's not great, and the story right now isn't fantastic, but it's not like he threw it 350 yards and put it on his back.”

Barber spoke less than 24 hours after DeVito completed 17 of 21 pass attempts for 158 yards and one touchdown in Monday's 24-22 home victory over the Green Bay Packers. The undrafted 25-year-old, who also had 71 yards on 10 carries against Green Bay, improved to 3-1 early in the game and has now led the Giants to three straight wins. But Barber hasn't forgotten that DeVito failed to impress in a 49-17 Week 10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

DeVito completed 14 of 27 passes for 86 yards with two scores and one pick against Dallas on November 12.

“He proved it in three weeks,” Barber said of DeVito's unexpected performance. “Three weeks. Against Dallas, he didn't really prove it. He looked terrible against the Cowboys… he hasn’t gotten there yet.”

Like Barber, Hall of Famer Kurt Warner has tried to quiet rumors that DeVito could be the long-term replacement for injured starter Daniel Jones. Warner noted that “anything short of a full season” wouldn't be enough to fully evaluate such a young signal-caller, while Barber suggested that DeVito could be back on the ground as soon as the Philadelphia Eagles on Christmas Day (10-3).

“I trust him, but let me see it against the Eagles,” Barber added of DeVito. “I'll show it against a team that's better than [the Packers]”

DeVito and company can't yet look ahead to the first of two matchups with the Eagles in three weeks, with the Giants playing next Sunday for the 6-7 New Orleans Saints. On Tuesday, Barber challenged DeVito to “do something profound,” like keep Big Blue in the game playoff hunt until the morning of December 25, but the New Jersey native already deserves praise for providing fans with positive memories of a completely lost season when the Giants were 2-8.



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