J.He decorated the NBA with eight games, which left surprises, great performances, returns to a good level and so on. Giannis’ dominance, Charlotte’s victory, hope in the Clippers, Curry and Klay getting back to their old ways, Jokic’s expulsion… we review the most interesting things from last night.

Giannis returns the Bucks to their place. Milwaukee is already one of the best teams in the NBA (10-4). The initial doubts dissipated as the weeks went by. Partly thanks to the Greek, who is on a superhuman level. 43 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists against the Wizards (129-142). Lillard joins him at 22. The outside defense still needs to make a leap to compete with the best.

Mark Williams, the grand illusion in Charlotte. The Hornets see green shoots, even if it seems complicated. In the surprise of the night, the North Carolina team beat the Celtics in overtime (121 to 118). The center, former Duke and perfect pair for LaMelo, left. 18 points, 16 rebounds (8 offensive) and 3 blocks to impose his rule in the match against Boston.

In Miami everything is happiness. The Heat have found their rhythm and are now unstoppable. Despite Butler’s poor game (16 points with insufficient percentages), Spoelstra’s men managed to involve other players. Adebayo, who made that expected offensive leap (23+11), and newcomer Jaime Jaquez, who surprises from the second unit (19 points). Keys to victory against Bulls (100-118).

Pelicans like each other. In New Orleans they are cute. And even more so with the return of José Alvarado. Ingram (31 points) and Zion (26) destroyed a Kings defense that was tired (129-93) from playing in Dallas the night before. Add and continue for Willie Green’s team (7-7), which seeks consistency.

Jokic and techniques. The Nuggets win in Detroit (103-108)… with the Serbian playing 15 minutes! The reason? He was sent off for a double technique with a minute to go before the break. He finished with 9 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Even so, the Pistons were unable to beat Colorado.

Wembanyama sinks against the Clippers. Spurs’ good start to the season was just a mirage. With a 3-11 record, they are the worst team in the West. In the Clippers’ visit to San Antonio (99-124), the talented French center finished with 9 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists. His worst game so far in the NBA.

There is hope for the Clippers. It seemed like this would never happen, but on the Los Angeles side they are already moving forward with the games. 28 points from Paul George, 21 from Kawhi, 19 from Theis and 19 from Powell are enough to beat the Spurs and add their second consecutive victory. Harden and Westbrook, like generators, work.

The Warriors gather. End of bad sequence. Victory on merit over the Rockets who once again make things difficult at home (121-116), with the “resurgence” of Klay. The point guard finished with 20 points, the first time he reached that mark this season. Curry, the best with 32.

Wizards 129 – $142

Bulls 100 – 118 heat

Hornets 121-119 Celtics

Timberwolves 117-100 Knicks

Pistons 103 – 107 Nuggets

Pelicans 129 – 93 Kings

Spurs 99-124 Clippers

Warriors 121 – 116 Rockets


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