ANDat the in the context of the Colombian team’s match against Brazil, before Luis Díaz’s great performance and his double on the return and achieve their first victory in the Qualifiers against the five-time champions, there was a chorus against President Gustavo Petro. The images went viral andHe watched as the president’s youngest daughter left the podium with annoyance and tears in her eyes due to the hostile climate..

It was said that it was something agreed by some politicians in opposition to the current National Government, also indicated that there were supposed gifts of tickets and t-shirts to sing against Petro, but there is no proof of these facts. Although, The scandal transcended the networks and there were statements of all kinds due to what happened to Antonella Petro.

Shouts against Gustavo Petro in the classic Medellín vs. National

In response to these versions and explanations given by supporters and members of ‘Petrismo’, a few days later, the screams were repeated during the classic Independiente Medellín against Atlético Nacional of home runs of the Colombian League of the second half of 2023. This match, a classic in the capital of Antioquia, had packed stands and shouts against the president were heard in several sectors.

It cannot be said that this happened in all the stands at the Atanasio Girardot stadium., since on the north and south sides there were the ‘bravas bravas’ of the competing teams and they were there with their characteristic chants. Furthermore, these types of groups have shown themselves to be distant from political issues, although they are more supportive of the Petro Government’s proposals.

But on the west side of the stage, where people with greater purchasing power are located, there are the boxes and the press areathe protests that had been loudest and most significant in the ‘Tricolor’ party were heard:

Get out, Petro! Get out, Petro! Get out, Petro!

Unlike what happened in Barranquilla in the Qualifiers match, in the local League match the screams did not last more than a few seconds and occurred before Medellín’s 2-1 victory over Nacional.

Antonela, daughter of Gustavo Pedro, enjoyed in Millionarios vs. America

But just as this moment of protests was experienced in the Medellín classic, it was different in the other classic played on Sunday, November 19, at the El Campín stadium, in Bogotá. And Antonella Petro herself, youngest daughter of the president of Colombia and a recognized fan of the Millonarios, was present in the stands of the sports scene.

The person responsible for uploading the image was Nicolás Petro Alcocer, the minor’s half-brother, showing that they were in one of the cabins and enjoying Millonarios win 2-1 over América de Cali. There were no cries against the National Government and no hostile environment for Antonella.

This is how the president’s stepson published:

The smile that no unscrupulous, violent and uneducated person can erase. May he continue to fulfill his dreams of being a football player with the same passion with which he watches the games. Teach them that football is for everyone and we live in PEACE, whatever the ideology

But in this context it must be said that while in Medellín there was a traditional preference for candidates from political currents contrary to the PetroHe had his political stronghold in Bogotá, he was mayor of the capital and it was where he obtained the most votes to be elected president in 2022.


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