GErard Romero is having a busy few months. With Leo Messi’s denial after the Ballon d’Or gala, in which he highlighted that the Argentine star spoke to Laportasomething that the player himself denied, his situation is somewhat delicate.

Kun Agüero, Messi’s friend, wanted to take advantage of Kingdom Day to beat Jijantes and mess with his president after his denialism. However, it all ended very badly for him, as Romero’s team beat him 3-8. That didn’t stop the Argentine, who decided to insult him anyway and received a harsh response on After Kings.

“I can’t believe the liar Pinocchio won.”

This is how Agüero spoke live, after seeing how his team fell. Morena Beltrán laughed, while watching Kun complain that he was not able to pay tribute to Leo Messi. However, Romero did not want to engage in the provocation, and responded directly, closing the matter.

“Pinocchio told me there… well, eight fell to him. Pinocchio? Well, I’ll fuck you in the ass, and he went home warm“, indicated the president of Jijantes, to the laughter of everyone present, both presidents and players.


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