Gears of War 6 could arrive sooner than we expected (Photo: Microsoft)

There appears to be broad agreement that news about Gears Of War 6 will arrive this year, with graphics already at an all-time high.

It's been five years since Gears 5 and Microsoft has barely referenced the series since, even though the last game ended on a cliffhanger and developer The Coalition was created specifically to work on the franchise.

Without a doubt, because Gears 5 was a bit of a miscarriage, reinforcing the idea that the series is in decline. But there's supposed to be a Netflix show in the works, and suddenly three separate sources are talking about a new game being revealed this summer.

During the latest episode of Kinda Funny Xcast, host Parris Lilly mentioned a theory that Gears Of War 6 would be released this year, before several other insiders confirmed that this was indeed true.

After watching the Marvel 1943 trailer, she tweeted wondering what Gears 6 would be like in Unreal 5 and received a message from a Gears developer.

'Someone at The Coalition did a cryptic little subtweet about this, which perked my ears up about it.

'So my conspiracy theory is that you tease it this year, and then it will probably be a launch game for the next generation. That seems to make sense to me,” Lilly said.

The episode's guest is insider Jeff Grubb agreed with herand added:

“I will say that I've heard that some things might be happening with Gears 6 this summer, so I think this tease sounds right to me, Parris. That seems to be what we can expect,” he said.

Tom Warren of The Verge corroborated the claim, quoting Grubb in a tweet, adding the words “correct.”

As if that weren't enough, a third source, the widely respected shinobi602, added: “Wait until you see Gears. People are not ready' on the forum ResetErain response to comments about the graphics of Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2.

The obvious assumption is that a reveal will be part of the Xbox Summer Showcase in June, although this wasn't specifically mentioned by any of the sources.

There was also no mention of a release date, and apparently no one had any idea when the game might be released.

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