Gavi It not only demonstrates your commitment, camaraderie, personality, involvement and feeling during the games. The Andalusian midfielder who is recovering from a serious injury, also stands up for his friends and colleagues daily. Today he demonstrated it again: he bluntly responded to some criticism of the young central defender Pau Cubares. He did not hesitate to point his claws at the young player, who is gaining a place at the center of the field's defense.

The journalist Paco González accused against Cubars for an action with Battle in the second part of the meeting in LaLiga played yesterday in Montjuc between him Just it's him Grenade. “Unfortunate Cubares. He doesn't touch his face, he complains about his feet, he doesn't touch his butt either. With a theatrical career at the age of 17. Let his father catch him and say, look son, with the career you have ahead of you, don’t gain fame as a theater artist”, said the information professional.

A Gavi He didn't like the words at all. González about the 17-year-old defender. And he showed his claws to his young wardrobe partner. The international responded to these words via social media. “Pitiful are you, wake up Pace”. Cubares totals 482 minutes, spread over seven games, with the main team, to which he took the leap just a few days ago.

The midfielder is one of the most passionate players in the Barcelona dressing room and one of those who feels most strongly about the Barça shield. xavi defines him as the heart of the team.