Pfar behind us was a difficult summer in which Gabri Veiga(Porrio, Pontevedra, 2002) I decided to go on an adventure Arabia. After leaving home, the Galician adapted to a new football, he is even more convinced of having made this decision and he couldn’t be happier.

What is your life like in Saudi Arabia?

I’m very calm with my girlfriend. We are fine. We already have a house and everything is going well. I am gradually adapting to the climate, which at first was a little difficult for me because it was very different from Vigo. Better times will come, I will mature and grow as a football player.

Is this new stage meeting your expectations?

Yes, we are sure that football and the country will grow a lot. In the last year it has already grown. What surprised me most was the true level of football. Anyone who watches the games knows this. The fans are very encouraging, something important to feel like a football player.

What surprised me most was the true level of football. Anyone who watches the games knows this

Gabri Veiga (International under 21)

How was the adaptation to your first experience away from home?

That’s what I notice. The first month, the second month… Finishing training and not going home, going down to have a drink with friends, being with your girlfriend in peace… It’s different. Just because we trained there in the afternoon because of the weather, although now the temperatures will drop a little. This differs from the fact that you don’t train in the morning. I’m better adjusted.

How is su da a da all?

I get up, have a leisurely breakfast, I don’t wake up too early because when I train in the afternoon – evening I usually get home later. After breakfast I go to the gym with my fitness trainer when he’s there, and if he’s not there, I go alone. After eating, I relax a little and go to train. This is my life. We make the most of our days off. Now my family and friends will come.

He had a complicated pre-season and it showed. He started competing without being at his best, but he is already scoring goals.

It is true that the pre-season was not ideal for several reasons. I went to the European Championship and it was an incredible experience that I will remember for the rest of my life, but I didn’t have many minutes and you lose your shape a little. You go on vacation and then come back in a complicated situation for everyone. It’s true that it took me a while to pick up the pace. Emotions didn’t help either, time… But now, working hard and having been there for a few months, I feel better.

It’s true that it took me a while to pick up the pace. Emotions didn’t help either, time…

Gabri Veiga (International under 21)

How did you face such a complex summer as the one you had at age 21?

You need to be calm because time puts everyone in their place. It became clear to me that wherever we were, we had to be happy, because we are lucky. A year and a half ago I was at Primera RFEF and I was the happiest child doing what I liked. You have to value having a profession that you love. In the end it gets strange because it’s the first summer you’ve been on the market and it was a complicated situation, but you have to surround yourself with your family, your friends, your girlfriend… Who is the one who really loves you, and everything that you have. What happens, what happens.

Have you spent more time than ever with your family, your girlfriend and your friends?

Yes, because it’s what you want. Be calm, don’t be too public-facing, in the end everyone talks, there is a lot of information that is often not true. You want to be at peace with your people, who are the ones who really know you and can help you. I’m lucky for the people I have.

What was it like going out in Vigo?

I’m lucky to live in a quiet town, in Porrio. But Vigo is my home and always will be. Every time I go there I have a lot of fun because it’s a different vibe, my city, where I spend my whole life. It’s spectacular.

Do you feel like a pioneer for going to Arabia at your age?

Well, in the sense of someone young taking advantage of this opportunity, I know I’m a bit of a pioneer, but I don’t think it will be long before something like this happens again. The club structure is growing a lot. There are rumors that they will be able to increase the number of foreigners, the fields are of very good quality and have potential.

Everyone says it, there is a lot of information that is often not true

Gabri Veiga (International under 21)

With your departure to Saudi, did you have doubts about your future in the National Team?

I didn’t have much time to think about it, but it’s true that it doesn’t really depend on where you are. How to tell the masters, both Santi and Luis, at the end there will be another scenario and a player who has a good time, he is where he is, with these stars and with what he is growing, so that the whole world can have the opportunity and have to win for her.

What does it mean, after a summer that didn’t have the ideal pre-season, to join the National Team?

It’s something I’m very grateful to Santi for, because from the first times I’m there he calls me to see how I’m doing, how I was there. Coming here is a luxury because we have a milk group and in the end you are also in Spain with the people, sometimes you have time to go home… It’s a luxury.

What does this tell me about the future, the return to Europe?

I’m a kid who works every day, two years ago I didn’t expect to take this step in my career and now I’m very happy to have done it. You can’t close doors or say ‘don’t drink this water’. I’m very calm, very happy to be in Saudi and in a great team. The objective is to grow as a football player, mature and then, like this summer, whatever happens.

In Saudi they fight for the League title.

Al Alhi is one of the four PIF clubs and I already knew that. I think it’s one of the teams with the greatest history in Saudi. The best fans in Saudi, without a doubt, and with spectacular players and I learn from them every day.

How are you coming to Celta?

It’s not a question of the game, nor of the player, nor of the coach. It has top players, top coach, top sporting director… It’s a team to be much superior, but there are decisions that don’t depend on Celta. They are having bad luck. We can say that it’s not that they don’t benefit you, it’s that they are taking points away from you and, as a Celtic player, it hurts because you want them to respect your club. At least treat everyone the same. I think change. The referees also don’t want to make mistakes and I’m sure they will come back and finish the season calmly.

Does the Celta take many years of life or a lot of sleep?

I watch all the games. I would love for them to win every time. Sometimes it’s not possible, but I believe they deserve much more than they get.



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