A despite starting with everything against, losing after 4 minutes of play, The Colombian team recovered with Luis Díaz enthusiastic and in a favorable environment to leave November 16, 2023 in history of Colombian football. And so many left beautiful and unforgettable images, for beating Brazil in the 2026 World Cup qualifiersThere was also room for laughter.

Happily, that bad moment that ‘Lucho’ and his family experienced, due to the kidnapping of his father by the ELN (National Liberation Army), now it can be left in the past with a triumph for history and famous memes. Furthermore, the team’s unbeaten record Nstor Lorenzo at the head of ‘la Tricolor’, as he did not lose any of the matches he managed since his arrival in 2022, being another of the great protagonists of the victory.

The memes from the Colombia x Colombia Brazil match in the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers

So much Luis Daz and his father, Luis Manuel, were the faces of Colombia’s victory and a call for peace and freedom, which is why fans and world football entities took the opportunity to praise his heroic and exemplary role in recent days.

And the Lorenzo’s 13 consecutive games without defeat, with 8 wins and 5 drawsalso caused many to highlight what the Argentine coach achieved after the failure that occurred together with Carlos Queiroz and Reinaldo Rueda heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Following the data and statistics, It was Colombia’s first victory against Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers, with a record of 5 wins for ‘la Verdeamarela’, 2 draws and this first victory for ‘la Tricolor’ in the city of Barranquilla. And although some bitter the result remembering that the Brazilians had many casualties, it is on the field that things show themselves and Colombia managed to overcome the 1-0 defeat due to Gabriel Martinelli’s goal and Luis Díaz’s two headers that were left for the story.

But What would memes be if there were no mockery or negative things?, always within the framework of respect and football humor, to highlight. Well, in this section there was the episode whereFans in the stadium sang “Fuera Petro”, dedicated to the president of Colombiain addition to the little contribution in goals and offensive plays by Rafael Santos Borr.

For the visit there were also some dedications, as well as mockery because Brazil is on a bad run and this defeat to Colombia added to the draw at home with Venezuela and the defeat against Uruguay in last October’s games. Furthermore, Vincius Júnior’s unfortunate injury also left fans reacting, specifically from Real Madrid..

Now ‘la Tricolor’ will visit Paraguay, to ratify the good result and get closer to the goal of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup. The five-time world champions will host Argentina in a fierce duel, which they lost at La Bombonera to the Uruguayans.


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