While Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, there's another holiday that you and your dear friends — single or not — should celebrate: Galentine's Day.

Over the years, Galentine's Day has been coined to celebrate female friendships, with the occasion falling annually on February 13th. The term was first inspired by a 2010 episode of Parks and recreationwhere Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, explained the meaning of the holiday, which falls the day before Valentine's Day.

While she was hosting her annual Galentine's Day party for her friends, Leslie called the holiday “the best day of the year” as it ultimately brought all of her friends together.

“Every February 13th, my friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends at home and just come in and enjoy breakfast. Ladies celebrating ladies,” she said.

With the holiday theme in mind, there are a variety of activities you can consider for your day out with the girls.

From writing cute cards to your best friends to creating your own spa night, here are some things you can do when organizing your party on February 13th.

Creating your own photo booth

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Although February 13th is not Valentine's Day, you can still keep the day of love theme. For example, you can decorate your home with pink, white and red decorations, leading to the creation of your own photo booth.

You can start by purchasing a pink and red tinsel curtain, which sells on Amazon for just $6 and hang it on your wall, creating the perfect background. You can also go to a local convenience store and purchase a variety of heart-shaped balloons of any size for you and your friends to pose with.

If you want photo wall decorations specific to the holiday theme, Amazon also sells pink balloons that say “Galentines,” which cost $17.91.

Karaoke night

While playing music at your party is already a given, who's to say it can't be a bigger activity? For your party, you can purchase a set of two karaoke microphones, sold for $19.99 on Amazon. The microphones also come with Bluetooth and speaker function, so your friends will definitely hear you sing along to the instrumental or non-instrumental version of your favorite song.

Or, if you'd rather not buy microphones, you can simply play your favorite tunes on your TV or phone, before you and your friends sing along happily in your living room.

Color and taste

Even if you and your girls don't have any painting experience, arts and crafts can still be a fun party activity. It can also be relatively inexpensive with the help of a few blank canvases, which cost less than $15 at most craft stores. From there, you can purchase a pack of acrylic paint for yourself and your guests, before creating whatever painting you want – whether it's just a bunch of red hearts or a portrait of your friends.

You can also add some wine, cocktails, beer, or any alcoholic beverage you prefer, introducing a fun paint-and-sip night into your party.

Making fondue

While a box of chocolates is a popular Valentine's Day gift for couples, your Galentine's Day plans can go beyond that. More specifically, you and your girls can choose to melt some chocolate, resulting in a fondue night. Some of the treats you can pair with the dip range from the beloved strawberries to marshmallows, pretzels, and graham crackers.

For a tastier treat, you can also melt some cheese for fondue night. When you choose those classic cheeses – like gouda, Swiss or Gruyére – to melt, you can pair them with snacks like carrots, bread, celery, broccoli or tortilla chips.

spa day

Oftentimes, a girls' trip to a beautiful spa can be quite pricey. So why not bring some of the amenities of a spa to your Galentine's Day party? A beloved activity for a cozy night in is face masks, with products used to hydrate, purify, or soothe the skin. On Amazonyou can buy a pack of 10 masks for just $26.

The evening can also consist of other spa-themed activities, such as at-home manicures and pedicures. To keep budget in mind, you can ask your friends to bring their own nail polish before painting each other's nails.

Writing Galentine's Day Cards

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While you may have already planned to write something special to your significant other on Valentine's Day, this gift can also be extended to your friends. Depending on how many close friends you have at the Galentine's Day party, you can write a letter to each of them, describing all the things you appreciate about your best friend and their friends.

Ultimately, the activity means no one goes home empty, as everyone will receive a card from each party attendee.