“I am happy”always summarize Antonio Griezmann as a mantra to define your return to Atlantic. His happiness, evident in those laps of honor at the Metropolitano after each victory, is reflected in a game that makes him the great reference of a team that, in addition to his talent, has him to thank for two gestures. And yes, they are not the ones who make short dresses. And yes, they are the best to turn you into the legend that on your escape to the Camp Nou was close to ceasing to exist.

We talk, first, about your two salary cuts wear red and white. With more than 20 net kilos signed with Bará, she dropped to just over 12 to return home. As if that wasn’t enough, he did it again to eliminate any trace of his connection to the Barça club and become a red-and-black player while he couldn’t even be a starter. From one of the highest paid in LaLiga to another on Atlético’s second salary scale along with Koke, Sal or Marcos Llorente.

The second, perhaps forgotten at the time, was last summer. Arabia called him like so many others so that his petrodollars could convince him to abandon his Atleti. He told his sister and his agent that he wouldn’t even listen to the siren song, that he wanted a goalscoring record that was just four goals short. It’s time to recognize everything that The Little Prince did to undoubtedly be the King of this team.

Simeone never let go of your hand

Two great and unusual gestures that must be valued to forget the mistake of the past. No one knows better than 7 that he was wrong to let go of someone’s hand Simeone this made him one of the best in the world. The Argentine was essential for his return and for him to return to being the happy Antoine who can sit at anyone’s table.

DP: Some of those who now bear the 7 are those who open the exit door for you. Memory, how short it is sometimes.


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