MANILA, Philippines – Light Rail Transit Line 2 (LRT-2) and Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) will offer free rides to veterans next week as part of the Philippine Veterans Week celebration of 5 on April 11th.

In separate Facebook posts, operators of LRT-2 and MRT-3 said veterans would only need to present their valid Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) identification card to enjoy the week-long free ride.

Both railroads also said that a companion of the veteran will also be able to enjoy the ride.

“This free LRTA ride [Light Rail Transit Authority] is to pay homage and recognize the sacrifice […] of our veterans,” the LRTA said in Filipino in its post.

“The MRT-3 recognizes the important contributions to our society of all World War II veterans. That's why we want to honor and thank our veterans, even in a simple way. This is the offer of a free ride for a week for them and one of their companions,” said Department of Transportation (DOTr) Deputy Secretary of Railways, Jorjette Aquino, quoted in the DOTr’s own post.

According to the PVAO, the following people are classified as veterans:

  • He served in the Philippine land, sea or air forces during the revolution against Spain, the Philippine-American War and World War II; including Filipino citizens who served in the Allied Forces in the Philippine Territory.
  • Member of the Philippine Expeditionary Forces sent to the Korean War and the Philippine Civic Action Group sent to the Vietnam War; It is
  • Performed military service in the Armed Forces of the Philippines and was honorably discharged or retired after at least six years of total cumulative active service (or 20 years under Republic Act No. 9396 for those who performed military service on or after March 18 2007) or earlier separated whilst active in the AFP due to death or disability arising from wound or injury received or illness or disease suffered in the line of duty.

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