Hitzlsperger came out as homosexual in January 2014, giving an interview to the German newspaper Die Zeit

Photo: Reproduction Instagram Thomas Hitzlsperger – Caption: Former player continues to fight against prejudice / Jogada10

Former player Thomas Hitzlsperger said he wanted to make his sexual orientation public. However, when he was still a professional athlete, the lawyer at the time changed his mind.

The midfielder's defender then said that he should not admit it and said that it was not something normal among athletes, especially from Germany.

“My lawyer advised me not to come out of hiding. He told me: 'under no circumstances should you talk about it'. Yes, I think so. It's talked about, but players don't identify it that way. It is a taboo on the pitch and in the locker room, also because in Germany there is no known active footballer who is homosexual,” he emphasized.

In fact, Thomas regretted that this topic was still treated as a taboo and there was little progress in the classes.

“When it comes to the main actors, the players, there is a problem. There are seven famous gay professionals in the entire business. It's not enough. I always asked myself, “When will a gay player leave one of the five major leagues?” – added.

The former athlete's struggle with homophobia is nothing new. Hitzlsperger has had other appearances where he questioned the league and spoke on the subject. He came out as a homosexual in 2024 in an interview with the German newspaper Die Zeit.

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