Is your flight delayed? Now you won't have to spend hours sitting in a cramped aircraft waiting for takeoff! O Civil Aviation Security Department (BCAS), the aviation safety watchdog, has issued new guidelines that will allow passengers to disembark their flight in case of long delays and wait at the airport terminal.
Passengers experiencing long flight delays or post-boarding emergencies can now exit the aircraft and wait in the terminal. This change aims to reduce congestion and delays, allowing passengers to access amenities such as water, snacks and bathrooms.
BCAS Director General Zulfiquar Hasan announced the implementation of these guidelines, emphasizing the importance of minimizing passenger discomfort during long waits. Airlines and airport operators were instructed to follow the new protocols, with decisions regarding disembarkation being theirs.
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The guidelines will help ensure “less harassment” of passengers and they will not have to sit inside an aircraft for many hours after boarding, he said.
If passengers experience prolonged flight delays or emergencies after boarding, they will be able to disembark at the boarding gate of their respective airport.
Hasan highlighted the need for infrastructure arrangements, including screening, to support these guidelines.
In a recent incident, BCAS fined IndiGo and Mumbai airport a total of Rs 1.80 crore for serving tarmac meals to passengers on a delayed flight. Hasan emphasized the agency's commitment to addressing airport congestion through the implementation of optimal standards and tools.
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BCAS plans to introduce security lanes at airports to improve passenger experience. The move is expected to benefit passengers, especially in difficult times like the foggy winters in northern India when long delays can cause discomfort and inconvenience.
The number of domestic flights departing daily is increasing, with approximately 3,500 flights taking off every day.