Rubro-Negro makes every effort to meet the demands and reach an agreement with the attacker

13 dec
– 13:19

(update at 1:20 p.m.)

De La Cruz negotiates like Flamengo

Photo: Luciano Bisbal/Getty Images/Esporte News Mundo

Flamengo is making every effort to meet demands and reach an agreement with River Plate's Nicolas de la Cruz. Rubro-Negro wants to leave the contract “bound” to finalize the final details with the player before notifying the Argentine club that he will pay a fine of $16 million (R$80 million). The information was initially provided by “ge”.

What's left for closure for De La Cruz?

  • The parties are still negotiating the amount of remuneration and the length of the contract
  • AND termination clause, commission for intermediaries and bonuses there are also disagreements between the club and the player;
  • New values ​​are on the table with proposals from the Middle East for the Uruguayan striker

ABOUT Flamengo he resumed negotiations with the Uruguayan in late October and enforced much of the agreement already reached in mid-year negotiations when River obstructed a waiver to continue Conmebol Libertadores.

Nicolas de La Cruz is exposed by Liverpool Montevideo, who still owns 50% of his property rights. The Uruguayan arrived at River Plate in 2017 and played 211 matches, scoring 36 goals. The Argentine team ends its season on January 22 at the Champions Trophy, when it will face the winner of Rosário Central x Platenese in the final of the Argentine League Cup.