Rubro-Negro expects to raise over R$1 billion, which could be achieved for the fourth time. Landim is entering his final year at Flamengo

Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamengo – Caption: Flamengo will operate for the fourth year in a row with revenues exceeding R$ 1 billion / Jogada10

If Flamengo is not doing well on the pitch, the club's finances are getting better day by day. This Tuesday, the Rubro-Negro Board of Directors approved the 2024 budget proposal prepared by the Board of Directors.

With this, Flamengo expects to raise over A$1 billion in recurring revenue alone next year. In other words, this value may increase because it does not take into account player transfers. 51 people voted for the resolution, and only 2 were against. “ge” was the first to provide the information.

Recently, members of the Fiscal Council and the Standing Committee on Finance expressed concern about the increase in football's wage bill. Despite this, however, there were no recommendations on this topic. Flamengo currently spends around R$25 million per month.

Some wings defended that the investment ceiling for player acquisition was R$200 million, but the Board of Directors vetoed this amount. The maximum amount allowed is 30 million euros (R$160 million at current exchange rates). The sale is expected to raise €20 million (R$106 million).

Club president Rodolfo Landim recently stated that total revenues in 2023 will be R$1.3 billion. Its value became known through conversations with members of the União Rubro-Negra political group.