A fire exploded on the late actor Sadashiv Amarapurkarresidence in Suman apartment, Ahmednagar. The incident, attributed to a short circuit, occurred at approximately 2 p.m. O Fire Department quickly deployed a fire brigade, successfully gaining control of the situation.
Sadashiv Amarapurkar owned four flats in Suman Apartment, with the affected registered in the name of his wife Sunanda Sadashiv Amarapurkar. During the incident, a tenant named Jyoti Bhor Pathane was said to be inside the apartment. Firefighters effectively rescued her from the scene and although she suffered minor injuries, she promptly received medical attention at a nearby hospital, News18 mentioned in a report.

Ahmednagar holds special importance for Sadashiv Amarapurkar as it is his hometown. Before gaining prominence in the film industry, the actor had a rich history in theater. He made his film debut in Govind Nihalani's film 'Ardh Satya'. Despite having a modest background, the actor encountered a dilemma when choosing between more than 60 film offers that appeared after his debut.

During an interview with Harikrit Films, Sadashiv Amarapurkar gave a glimpse into his early days in the industry. He openly admitted that upon entering the entertainment industry, he was unaware of the existence of prominent filmmakers like Yash Chopra and BR Chopra.

Recalling that time, Sadashiv Amarapurkar shared that in 1982, he faced a situation with over 60 film offers, feeling somewhat perplexed about how to navigate through them. He mentioned that he was not familiar with directors like BR Chopra or Yash Chopra at that time. In his childhood, he noticed that the focus was mainly on the names of actors like Shammi Kapoor,

Dilip Kumaror Manoj Kumar, with less attention paid to the names of the directors.
Following the advice of an old friend, he chose to gain practical experience in the industry by participating in commercial films, marking the beginning of his cinematic journey.
Sadashiv Amarapurkar made his last on-screen appearance in Dibakar Banerjee's Bombay Talkies, playing a cameo role. Unfortunately, the 64-year-old actor succumbed to a lung infection and passed away on November 3, 2014.



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