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CD with fidelity

Confidential assessment

Five-pointed star

Five-pointed star

Five-pointed star

Five-pointed star

Five-pointed star


Annual Percentage Rate (APY)

5.15% to 5.60%

Minimum deposit amount

100 dollars


  • Check the sign icon Check mark. Indicates confirmation of the intended interaction. High interest rates
  • Check the sign icon Check mark. Indicates confirmation of the intended interaction. Minimum deposit $100
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Confidential shot

Fidelity CDs may be a good option if you are looking for CDs offered by a broker with high interest rates. Some of Fidelity’s CD rates rival the highest CD rates on the market – though as with every broker-offered CD, they don’t increase your interest.

Product Details

  • Brokerage CDs
  • Terms range from 3 months to 10 years
  • There are no early withdrawal penalties, but if you need funds before your CD matures, Fidelity will sell the CD at the current market price; the amount of interest charged for a CD may vary
  • CD funds are FDIC insured

Fidelity is an investment, retirement planning and financial advisory firm with locations throughout the United States. It offers a wide range of financial products, including CDs.

Fidelity offers CDs through a broker, which means the company buys its CDs from other financial institutions and resells them to the customer. This allows consumers to open CDs at several banks at once – all from a single point of contact through Fidelity.

Brokered CDs typically have higher interest rates than traditional CDs, although the interest does not accumulate as is typically the case with regular CDs. Brokered CDs also don’t charge early withdrawal penalties, and you can sell your CD at any time if you need cash before it reaches maturity.

If you’re considering buying CDs to increase your savings, Fidelity CDs may be a smart option. Here’s what you need to know about Fidelity CD rates before you make your decision.

Fidelity CD prices

Fidelity CD rates are significantly higher than average CD rates, and some even match or exceed the highest CD rates on the market.

Fidelity CD terms range from three months to ten years and interest rates range from 5.15% to 5.60% APR (annual rate of return). Here is the breakdown of Fidelity CD rates by term:

Remember that to open a CD with Fidelity, you first need a brokerage or retirement account with the company. This is where your CDs will be held and the interest deposited at maturity. You can also choose the “auto rollover” option, which allows you to roll over your money – and the interest earned on it – into a new, brokered CD when the old one reaches maturity.

Fidelity CD Prices Pros and Cons

Frequently asked questions about Fidelity CD rates

Yes, Fidelity CDs are legal certificates of deposit. They enable you to obtain a predetermined interest rate on a single deposit if it is held until maturity – from three months to ten years.

Fidelity CDs currently pay between 5.15% and 5.60% APY, which is significantly higher than average national CD rates. Some Fidelity CD rates are equal to or higher than the best traditional CD rates available on the market. Just remember that Fidelity CDs don’t accrue interest.

Fidelity is a good choice for CDs because its interest rate is much higher than the national average. However, Fidelity CDs are not a good choice if compound interest is important to your savings strategy because they are broker-dealed CDs that only offer simple interest.

Fidelity CDs are FDIC insured. All Fidelity CDs are purchased through FDIC-insured banking institutions, so consumers are protected with deposits at each bank up to $250,000.

It is safe to buy CDs at Fidelity. Fidelity is a national financial services company, and all of its brokered CDs are backed by FDIC-insured banking institutions.

Fidelity CD rate comparison

Fidelity CD rates vs. Synchrony Bank CD rates

Synchrony Bank CD rates range from 2.25% to 5.50% APR, which is not as high as Fidelity’s rates – although they are traditional CDs, so interest accrues daily. Synchrony also offers more CD options than Fidelity. While there are no brokered CDs, there are bump-up CDs and penalty-free CDs, and terms range from three months to five years. Both Fidelity and Synchrony Bank’s CD rates are higher than national averages.

Synchrony Bank Review

Fidelity CD rates vs. Capital One 360 ​​CD rates

Capital One 360 ​​CD prices are generally high, but not as high as those offered by Fidelity. Capital One 360 ​​CD interest rates are 4.10% to 5.30% APR. Capital One 360 ​​CDs are traditional CDs with interest rates that increase each month.

Capital One 360 ​​Review

Why you should trust us: How we reviewed Fidelity CDs

We used the Personal Finance Insider certificate of deposit methodology to review Fidelity CDs. Our methodology takes into account interest rates, minimum deposit requirements, variety of CD sales dates, overall company ethics, mobile app quality and customer service. We assign a rating to each category on a scale of one to five, then average the scores to obtain an overall CD rating.

Note: We typically consider early withdrawal penalties, but we omitted this category when reviewing Fidelity CDs. Generally, broker-dealer CDs are not subject to early withdrawal penalties.


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