Ferrari this Tuesday presented its new weapon for 2024. SF-24 (Scudera Ferrari and the current year as nomenclature) was expected to be very different from the last two years and did not disappoint. It's a new car from nose to diffuser. and since the majority on the network leans towards the elements of Red Bull 2019, how good results they gave him on the track. will be the last of Carlos Sainz as a Ferrari driver before the arrival of Hamilton and with which he will try to fight for his first F1 world title.

The sides, suspensions and floor aim to be more efficient in curves. and get as close to the asphalt as possible, without losing ground effect, at the same time to care as much as possible pneumatics. This was, on several circuits, Ferrari's Achilles heel in 2023, as was the unpredictability of the rear's behavior in fast and medium zones, something that was partially corrected at the end of the year with the Japanese kit. Now they must continue to insist on this path of improvement, without losing their maximum speed on the straights or their slow pace in the curves, one of the best in 2023.

The first thing that stands out on the new SF-24, it is the nose. He finished the nose in three sectionsrecent years to follow the Red Bull line, shorter and flatter, but not as refined as in the case of the Aston Martin or Red Bull itself. The tip fits into the second lip of the spoiler, to create more air space under the car.

Los sides are clearly inspired by Red Bull and that they are being copied across the grid. Very tall and with a stretched mouth, with the prominent lower lip acting as a flap and the mirrors functioning as a kind of spoiler above the top.Furthermore They leave an impressive gap below and abandon the flat, prominent belly they had in 2022 and 23. Leaving a lot of space between the ground and the pontoons is one of the lines that Newey imposed and that everyone follows.

In the rear three-quarter view you can see the new pontoons, narrowing abruptly halfway towards the diffuser, the new upper cooling area and the above-ground channel, which gains a lot of excavation compared to the previous single-seater.