Fernwho played in his homeland for the under 21s, analyzed the team’s victory Espaa bet Hunger.

home game

“It was a dream and I was very happy for the support of the people and the victory here.”

Change in your life

“I’ve said many times that a year ago I couldn’t imagine this, but we have to keep working because there’s still a long way to go.”


“It was a difficult game, but we did well and got the victory.”

Followers of your people

“Everyone from the city was here and I thank them for being able to come and give them the victory. My friends, family, small children, adults came… Thankful for that. About 600 came, I think.”

Town auctioneer

“I have a lot left, maybe one day I can do it.”

What concerns Santi Dénia and Xavi?

“The concepts are similar and I feel comfortable in the interior position, they ask me the same thing, to play between the lines, to play calmly and with two touches. I try to play my football and help the team.”

absolute selection

“No, not yet. It’s a dream that I have to fulfill, maybe one day I will have that possibility. We have to keep working. I hope that the master continues to trust in me and I can go to the Games.”



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