Pyou Roger Federer retired from the tennis world in September 2022, this does not mean that the Swiss has stayed away from the stage. If a few months ago we saw him singing with Chris Martin at the Coldplay concert in Zurich, yesterday the former tennis player accepted Andrea Bocelli’s invitation to accompany him in his final presentation in the Swiss city.

The living legend”just as Bocelli announced, He was thrilled to hear the Italian tenor perform ‘Nessun Dorma’the great success launched by Giacomo Puccini in Milan in 1926. At the end, Federer applauded and the two hugged, before the blind singer accompanied the 20th great champion to the exit.

Federer recently explained that he came from the show Elton John, when I received the message from Chris Martin. It was his daughter who convinced him to come out and sing with the British band. “My daughter told me: ‘Of course you should do it. You only live once'”, revealed the man from Basel, who also confessed: “I liked it, but I don’t need those anxious moments anymore”..


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