Nor stop running. From minute one to 90. The contribution in the form of energy that it gives Fede Valverde Real Madrid is a golden vision for its coach. Carlo Ancelotti is very clear about the Uruguayan's value and what it means to be on the pitch. Therefore, the Italian does not compare the number of goals from last season Hawk with the present: 12 and 7 assists for one and three. These are numbers, but beyond them there is a player vital to everything Madrid does, whether in the defensive or offensive phase, whether in static attack or in transition.

“I asked him where he prefers to play and he doesn't mind. It doesn't matter to me either. The important thing is that he can play. The way he's doing it, he's essential for us.” He explained. Ancelotti when asked weeks ago about the area of ​​the field that is best for the Uruguayan and with the lowest scoring contribution in this campaign. A blunt sentence that leaves no doubt about the esteem his coach has for the Montevideo player.

This tireless engine that is Fede Valverde It has already placed him at the top of the minutes played on the white team. After the 90s he played against Girona this count was 2,657, surpassing the 2,594 of Rdiger and Bellingham. These minutes are distributed by Valverde in the 34 games he played in Madrid this season, because only he and Rodrygo were on the field in each of those 34 games divided between the League (24), the Champions League (6), and the Cup ( 2) and Spanish Super Cup (2). And he is also the player who leads the title ranking: 30, against 29 for Bellingham and Rodrygo.


The changing role of Valverde it goes without saying. His presence was reduced when he arrived in the rival area, but his defensive value multiplied. Placed closer to Croos The band has 170 recoveries, compared to 137 last season.

Ancelotti's unmissable reflection and the Madrid player's sadness: “It costs a lot…”

In the game plan that Ancelotti drew up, Valverde It's indisputable. In this midfield in which Madrid has players of enormous quality, the Uruguayan has become the most important for everything he is capable of contributing to his team. And not just in tangible situations, which can be quantified. In charra you will find a player with answers for any situation in the defensive or offensive phase. No matter what the game calls for, he has the ability to blend into the environment to deliver what his team needs.

At 25 years old, he has long Valverde is essential for the Madrid. To this energy he brings, he has added the logical improvement in reading the game. He may be less talked about than others. But these others, like his coach, know who his driving force is.