A father has threatened to take away his son's inheritance – because his daughter-in-law doesn't follow the rules he has set for behavior in his home.

In a recent Reddit post shared with the popular “Am I the idiot?”subreddit, the father explained that his son and his wife were staying while their house was undergoing repairs.

“Before we lived together we had a good relationship, the problem arose when his wife didn't follow the house rules,” he wrote in his Reddit post.

He said the regulations were “simple,” including cleaning and keeping the noise level down, but that the biggest one was no alcohol in the house due to his wife’s “trauma” with it. Both his son and daughter-in-law were informed about the alcohol rule, he said.

For the first few weeks, the arrangement worked well until the alcohol rule was broken. “We couldn’t prove it at the time, but we were sure they were drinking,” the father wrote. “When I was cleaning, my wife found wine in the attic. She got upset and spilled everything. Apparently it was a $300 bottle and it caused a huge fight between her and DIL (daughter-in-law).

Shortly thereafter, the renovations were completed and the younger couple moved in.

Then the drama escalated, with the son telling his mother and father that they could no longer see their grandchildren because the incident made him “rethink their relationship.”

“I told him that was bullshit,” the father wrote, “that he knew the one big rule of the house, which caused his mother (my wife) stress. He told me it was final and I told him if he goes through with it he will be out of the will.”

On Reddit, many people posted supporting the father's decision. “I don't know why everyone thinks it's acceptable to be so dependent on alcohol that being asked not to drink for a while is a crime,” one comment began.

“You were kind enough to offer them to stay at your house and gave them some rules to follow. When they didn't follow you, you didn't even kick them out. If there was some special reason for them to keep that expensive wine at home, like 'we didn't want it to get stolen during Reno's [renovations]' then they should have discussed it with you instead of hiding it. They resulted in punishing him because he refused to follow some simple rules. Your son and his wife have a huge right here.”

Another commenter agreed, writing, “DIL is AH for bringing alcohol into his house when it was prohibited. IF DIL couldn't stick to this rule for a few months, she would have a drinking problem, making it unlikely she would spend $300 on a bottle of wine.”

They continued: “I would be surprised if she had a $300 bottle of wine in her house (despite her claim) because people who appreciate good wine aren't going to hide it in the attic. There's a reason why people have wine cellars and not 'wine attics'.”

Another piece of advice followed: “Inheritance is not an obligation (although you should leave him the bare minimum to avoid anyone else in the will going through a lengthy process that delays distribution). Make sure a trusted third party has the most recent copy of your will, and make sure that if it needs to be filed in your city, town, county, or locality, it is filed,” a third commenter wrote.



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