“Family full of champions!” – Becky Lynch breaks silence after winning her first NXT Women’s Championship

WWE star Becky Lynch is ecstatic after winning the NXT Women’s Championship this week.

The Man was in a match against Tiffany Stratton. The feud started when the latter started showing up to RAW, claiming that no one was on her level in NXT, and she had to look outward for new challengers. She got in the face of Becky, and the championship match between the two was made official.

In the aftermath of the match, Becky spoke in a backstage interview. Lynch mentioned that she had always wanted to be the NXT Women’s Champion but had given up hope because she was no longer in the developmental brand.

The Man claimed that when Tiffany started looking for a fight, she grabbed the opportunity and ran with it.

“It has a great ring to it, doesn’t it? The Grand Slam Man, here we go! Becky Balboa, we did it. Oh my goodness, this is wild. I’ve had ‘Become NXT Women’s Champion’ on my goal list for the last 10, maybe 11 years. It’s one of those things, ‘Okay, I’m not in NXT, maybe it’s never gonna happen.’ And then Tiffany just started running her mouth too much and here we freaking are. Can’t say nothing is impossible no more. Family full of champions!” [From 0:12 – 0:55]

Becky Lynch is now a Grand Slam Champion in WWE

In the match’s final stages, Becky Lynch countered Stratton’s Prettiest Moonsault Ever into the Manhandle Slam to win the gold.

With this win, Lynch became the sixth woman in WWE to earn the title of Grand Slam Champion.

She had earlier won the RAW Women’s Championship, SmackDown Women’s Championship, and the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Becky Lynch has also won the Women’s Royal Rumble and is one of the first women to headline WrestleMania.

What did you think of Becky’s title win on NXT? Let us know in the comments section below.

Please credit WWE with a H/T to Sportskeeda for the transcription if you use the quotes from this article.

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