Atlanta Falcons icon, former Most Valuable Player, and most recently Matt Ryan, CBS Sports NFL analyst he talked with Fox News Digital's Ryan Gaydos on how Falcons owner Arthur Blank hired former Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris over Bill Belichick to be Atlanta's new head coach.

“I think there was consideration given to what Bill could bring to the organization,” Ryan said. “But I'm not surprised that Raheem is back there. He was with us in Atlanta for six years. I always thought he was so good. He trained all these different positions. He came to us on the defensive side, took the ball and moved to attack, came back to defense and became interim head coach. I've seen him in various positions. He's a guy who could coach anyone. He just knows how to get the best out of players.”

Ryan was with the Falcons at the time Morris he served as assistant head coach, wing coach/offensive passing game coordinator, defensive coordinator and interim head coach of the club during his tenure from the 2015 to 2020 season. Blank mentioned this experience when explaining why Morris was “simply the best choice for us” more than Belichick, a living legend.

“He also understands the organization,” Ryan added of Morris. “He knows the inner workings of the organization, which I think is helpful. He has a great relationship with Arthur Blank. I think he's a good fit for Atlanta. I really believe it. I think they're a good football team and they need to solidify the quarterback position, which I think they'll do this offseason, I'm rooting for them.”

Morris ultimately hired former Rams passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Zac Robinson to become Atlanta's new offensive coordinator. Ryan said Morris is “excited about Zak” and believes Robinson is a younger version of San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan.

Since the start of the 2019 season, Shanahan has led the Niners to two trips to the Super Bowl and is widely considered one of the best offensive minds in the sport.

“He is very close to Kyle,” Ryan said of Morris. “He has a good understanding of what the process should look like. I feel confident in Zac.”

Morris, Robinson and the rest of the team will now be hoping that Falcons fans will quickly forget that Belichick may or may not have been one positive chat with Blank in January away from accepting the Atlanta gig.