IAnti-doping vampires are feared by runners around the world. These UCI employees can perform drug tests anywhere and at any time, surprising cyclists even in the middle of vacation. The last of these victims was Miguel Ángel Superman Lópezwho are these agents chased him while he was with his family at Disney studiosU.S.

The Colombian cyclist, currently suspended by the International Cycling Union, detailed on his social networks the organization's persecution of him. Behind sanction that has lasted almost 5 monthshe was practically erased from the international circuit and also suffered the fortuitous departure of his last team, Astana.

“I'm surprised by something that happened to me this morning, I didn't want to say this in public, but it's time because a lot of time has passed.. Everyone knows the situation I'm going through, the provisional suspension that the UCI imposed on me for almost 5 months, and to this day I know absolutely nothing about my future“Supermán López explained on his Instagram account.

The 29-year-old cyclist was seen quite affected by the UCI last year. After becoming involved in the case Maynar, was left without a team on the World Tour and had to be forced to return to Colombia, where he now races for the Medellín-EPM team. Superman remember all the controls you had do in the last few months, but the cover arrived with the last one at Disney.

“I collaborated, I did the things they asked me to do. I collaborated with information, with controlsbecause I've been through a lot”, insisted Miguel Ángel López, visibly upset by the harassment.

In this sense, the corridor He reproaches the UCI for the lack of attention it has given to his case in particular. López does not understand how they can accompany him until the holidays and, on the contrary, they do not have the same desire to find a solution to the issue of his suspension.

“If you take the trouble to come here,that they take the same effort to resolve the problem and speed me upInvestigate and give me the green light to do what I like because I'm not hiding anything and I'm clean, I have nothing to do with this”, says a Superman who is already quite upset with this whole situation.