Always being in the public eye makes celebrities change their trends.. They are references in fashions and they adjust moment by moment. Good Ester Expsito did it again. AND radical change. But for a reason. For a job. For a film that forced him to change his image. The performer and influencer changed her look. He left behind the blond of his hair.

But it was only temporary. Why the script demanded it and she agreed to this change for the series. Temporary, yes. Well, in the end, this transformation made He had very dark hair, almost black. And the contrast is impressive.

The publication of his partner and film director, Gabriel Mario, on the networks offered that shocking image of the Madrid actress. These are several images of 'Bandidos', the actress' new series that premieres on Netflix on March 13.

Looks like, Expsito has a double character in the seriesbecause in addition to appearing with the dark hair, he also does this with blonde hair. You can see the stark contrast of the interpreter. When evaluating, your followers will definitely opt for the blonde based on comparing images.