Republican Left (ERC) He took his project to the Congress Plenary next week to end the obligation to respond to the Selection's summons. Under his plan, it would become a voluntary option.

This is not the first time that Catalan independence activists have spoken about this possibility. It also comes months after several players complained about having to leave “out of obligation” when Montse Tom I quote them from that concentration in Oliva. Not going carries fines of 30,000 euros and could even cause your license to be withdrawn.

The initiative, raised by Europe Press, consists of “a modification of the Sports Law so that the presence of any player in the national team is no longer considered a duty and becomes exclusively a right, at the same time that it establishes the ability of any athlete to freely choose to decide whether to attend or will resign from the call.”

The text, written in Catalan and Spanish, was not vetoed and was approved for debate.