sErgio Scariolo surprised everyone when listing the list of those selected for next week's FIBA ​​window, he arrived at the letter R. “Ricky Rubio”, he pronounced. And Spanish basketball turned upside down. The playmaker has only been training at Barcelona for a few weeks, after overcoming the mental health problems that forced him to leave the team's camp for last year's World Cup.

As if grateful for this, Ricky wanted his return to action to be with the national team. “I didn't have my cell phone in my hand every day, but I was waiting to get that call. We were in constant contact from this summer until three days ago. He told me that he would like his first official game to be with the national team.” It was emotional when he called me to tell me. I was in the hospital with my mother. I told him to adjust his expectations, not to expect to be the 2019 World Cup MVP. That takes time. You have to be very careful and patient”, explained Scariolo about the point guard’s call.

The coach began by stating that “each call-up is a special opportunity to enjoy the national team again. I'm really looking forward to it after months without being on the training pitch and because the level of rivals is very demanding. It's a special call-up because “they will be six of the players we will work with in the future”.

Scariolo added that “the second reason is because we have been able to count on players from the Euroleague, due to the suspension of the competition, which is good news. We have given priority to players who don't have much time in their teams to watch them.” for the summer.” “. He also pointed out some absences due to physical problems of players such as Juan Nuez, Alex Abrines, Lorenzo Brown, Sergio Llull and Willy Hernangmez.

Elisa Aguilar, president of the FEB, assured that “it is a privilege to be able to live a day like today, one day after returning with the women's team qualifying for the Games”. Regarding the list, she highlighted that it will once again be captained “by a player who is another example of the team's commitment, and Rudy Fernández wanted to help in Zaragoza and Belgium”.

Aguilar added that “along with the captain there are players who have given a lot to the team, but it is the inclusion of Ricky Rubio that makes it go beyond the sport and becomes great news for the world of sport. again makes us very happy.” Finally, he highlighted that “leading this process of sporting excellence, we could not have anyone better than Sergio Scariolo”.