“The last stage is still missing”sigh Cinthia Ramosmother of Endrickwhen you see your son enter the lawn Comary Farm (headquarters of the Brazilian team) to train yesterday afternoon on Saturday. His gaze was fixed on the field, following every step and guidance from the team’s coaching staff. Brazilian Team.

Endrick’s family, at the Brazilian National Team concentration.

Cintia and Douglas Ramosfather and mother of Endrickbrothers Noah and Lavniathat’s it Marcelo and nephews, Wendrel Henrique and Theo Gustavo, were present in a reserved area close to the journalists. They are in Ro de Janeiro since Friday and stayed with their son on the day off after the defeat to Colombia. It was the only free meeting before the clash against Argentina, which will be played tomorrow at the stadium Maracanã.

It is the work of a team around you, and with the effort and dedication of us family members, as only we know what we went through.

Cynthia, Endrick’s mother

“We are privileged to live this, a moment that Endrick fought so hard to get here. It is the work of a team around you, and with the effort and dedication of us family members, as only we know what we went through. “I hope that many parents who are on this path can go through this experience that we are living.”Explain Cintia.

The passion for football

Endrick surpasses Ronaldo with Brazil waiting for Real Madrid

Laviniasister almost 10 years older than Endrickfollow your mother’s words, Cintia. “It’s exciting and I can’t describe it. Because it is a feeling of happiness, of pride, of duty accomplished. we watched football being played, wherever we were. Everything about him was football, his life was football. And I saw how hard my mother and father worked on it. The rush of taking him to train and watching him grow more and more. More and more every day, and today it’s here. It’s inexplicable,” he says.

There’s a movie in his head, from a young age he saw football being played wherever we went.

Lavinia, Endrick’s sister

During the almost three hours they spent at the Brazilian team’s training center, located in Teresópolismountainous region of Ro de Janeirothe family experienced different types of sensations: smiles, hugs, tears of emotion… Because the presence of Endrick with the absolute team it is another step in the dream they are living.

“It’s a film that takes place throughout my life. I arrived in São Paulo with nothing, worked as a cleaning assistant at Palmeiras and watched my son grow up thanks to the efforts of all of us.. It’s a unique moment, and when I say it’s a film it’s the pure truth, because he always said he would be a football player and many years ago he prophesied that he would be in the national team. a packed Maracanã. “It’s the realization of his lifelong dream,” he reveals. Douglas Ramosfather of the attacker.

Feet on the ground

When Fernando Diniz After finishing his activities, at night, the player went to the reserved space and saw his little brother Noah, just four years old, jumping over the billboard to give him a big hug. It was pure joy. Still not fully understanding the meaning, but aware of the family’s love that surrounded this moment, he took his mother’s cell phone, Cintiaand ventured to take photos of his brother on the lawn.

Between photos and conversations, Endrick He responded to dozens of requests from family members of other players and various guests, including fans of different teams, asking for a souvenir photo or an autograph. “Endrick is what people are seeing. A boy who achieved everything very quicklybut he did not lose his identity. Continue with your humility and simplicity, because it comes from him, since his birth. He listens a lot to me, his mother and We are very grateful to God for writing another page in our family history“, and now about football, which he loves so much”, he adds. Douglas.

Brand new Endrick against Argentina a new contractthe one that the young player he signed with New Balance. And he will do so with a golden boot that the company created for him.

Nike, Puma and Adidas approached the Palmeiras player. but the family leaned towards New Balance’s proposal because they considered it would be more accessible products for everyone. The company’s idea is none other than to walk hand in hand with the striker throughout his career with the example of Michael Jordan on the horizon.



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