Emraan Hashmi it was once the darling of the masses; audiences used to queue up to watch his films. But in the last 10 years his films struggled at the box office but the man never gave up and found the perfect comeback as Aatish Rehman in Tiger 3 with Salman Khan It is Katrina Kaif. And in all this struggle, there was one person who strongly supported him: his wife Parveen, and today the man wrote a heartfelt note in his characteristic humor to his wife on their 17th wedding anniversary.

INTERVIEW Emraan Hashmi on Tiger 3 SUCCESS, Pathaan SRK CAMEO, QUITTING Acting, Karan Johar

Sharing a series of photos together, clicked over a long period of time and across the world, he wrote, “You are and will always be my happiest place ❤️! It's been a joy to annoy you for 17 years (actually 20 years since we started dating). You look particularly upset in the last photo😜😁❤️. Happy Birthday, dear !! The couple tied the knot in 2006 after dating for three years and welcomed their son Ayaan in 2010. He was diagnosed with first-stage cancer in 2014 and after a five-year battle, the guy is now in perfect health . In fact, in an exclusive interview with ETimes, Emraan shared that his Ayaan is fine and was in Goa participating in a chess tournament.
Tiger PostEmraan will now be seen in a web show supported by Karan Johar. The web show is about the inner workings of the film industry in India and is expected to air in 2024. This would be Emraan's second web show, the first being Bard of Blood which was supported by Shah Rukh Khan. Producers left the show on a cliffhanger, leading to talks about a second season, but were unable to decipher the script.



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