Emma Roberts admitted she once turned down Britney Spears' sweet gesture because she thought it was a joke.

Along with April Fools' Day, the 33-year-old actress reflected on a moment in her childhood when she thought she was being fooled. Roberts told Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos that she once hung up on Spears during the April 1 taping of her eponymous talk show.

O american horror story star described herself as being “on guard all year long” because she is always “nervous” about being pranked and tricked.

“I'm on guard all year round, especially with my family and friends, but I've made mistakes before. Very wrong,” she said.

Roberts was referring to an incident that occurred on her eighth or ninth birthday when her aunt, Julia Roberts, surprised her with a phone call from the “Toxic” singer.

She continued: “It was my birthday and I think I was eight or nine, and this was in the days of landlines. My mom and aunt handed me the landline and said, 'Someone's on the phone for you.' And I thought, 'Who?'”

The response she received came from none other than Spears herself. Roberts recalled Spears saying, “Happy birthday, Emma. It’s Britney Spears.”

Believing the call was a prank by his mother and aunt, Roberts hung up. “And I looked at them and hung up and thought, 'Mm-hmm, cool.' And they said, 'No, it was her,'” she admitted.

Upon realizing his mistake, Roberts froze. She begged the “Criminal” creator to get back on the phone.

“I was – still am – Britney Spears’ biggest fan. And I literally started to break down and I was like, 'Can we get her back on the phone?' They put her back on the phone,” the Holiday the actress continued.

However, Roberts confessed that she was embarrassed by how quickly she decided to end the first call, as she truly believed her mother and aunt had tried to trick her.

She added: “I was like, right click. I'm sorry, Britney. I was so mortified and nervous and I was eight years old, so I thought, 'Thank you so much.' I’m shaking thinking about it.”

Before his appearance in Live with Mark and Kelly, Roberts spent time with her three-year-old son Rhodes on Easter Sunday, sharing a touching photo of the two of them on Instagram. The Hollywood star shares Rhodes with her ex-husband, Garrett Hedlund.