Ithe days of the new NBA Cup They are characterized by the equality of the finals, the competitiveness of the players and the energy of the playoffs. Last night’s game at Utah (128-131) had it all. As if it were the end of April, both teams left one of the matches of the season.

Durant, in the scoring section (38 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists), and Booker, further exploring his role as a generator with the loss of Beal and the absence of a pure point guard (24 points, 15 assists)They showed why, despite the Suns’ situation, they are one of the best duos in the NBA.

The forward, two-time NBA champion, decided the duel in the final seconds, as we are used to every year. With everything tied in the last quarter, talent prevailed on the court. The tournament once again brings out the best in each player.

A constant exchange

With the premise that neither team was leading on the scoreboard, the focus was on the goal duel between Jordan Clarkson, who finished with 37 points, and Kevin Durant. From an early age, they assumed the role of leaders of their respective groups. Booker and Nurkic in the paint respond to the good minutes of Markkanen and Keyonte Georgethe Jazz debutant, who raised an audience.

In the absence of a good generator (Goodwin told Beal)Booker is proclaiming himself the generator in Phoenix. Remembering the past, when there wasn’t so much talent around him on his team, the point guard distributed the game and got along perfectly with Durant.

Kevin Durant hugs Yuta Watanabe after Suns win in Utah

A door to hope in the Suns’ fateful (also diminished by injuries) start to the season. With the narrow victory in Utah (128-131), it seems that they wake up (6-6). The opposite case is Utah (4-8). The surprising first months of the last campaign did not carry over into this one.

The steps he seemed to have taken Will Hardy Project in Salt Lake City They evaporated. On the other hand, in Phoenix, despite the absence of Beal, who will continue minimum plus three weeksthey start to get excited.


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