DD2 has all kinds of items for players to find, from the most useful to those acquired just to be sold. Many items end up being useful upgrade materials that should be kept for those who want to improve their equipment with the various types of forging.


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Some items do not serve the same purpose and are slightly less useful than upgrade materials. While players may stock up on items only to discover later that they aren't upgrade materials, that doesn't mean they don't have other good uses.

Where to find Glymercole

The easiest and most convenient place to find Glymercole is at Digger Ruins in Battahl. That's it southwest of Bakbattahl, but only a short walk with only a few enemies along the way. Before entering, make sure you have a wizard or sorcerer, as there are some slimes here that players will need to take care of.

Glymercole is specifically found in various ore deposits that players can explore with their pickaxe. Instead of exploiting real deposits, look on the sides and bottom for small dark crystals leaving. Glymercole also appears in groups usually offering groups of three or four at a time.


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How to use Glymercole

Glymercole growing under an ore deposit

Although Glymercole does not act as an upgrade material, it sell for 150 gold. While this may not seem like much, the Glymercole's value comes in its volume. Just a few minutes of farming in Digger's Ruins will give players tons of Glymercole along with XP from monsters, which can be purchased sold for a quick return in gold to those trying to save for a house or ferrystones.

Glymercole can also be given as gifts to NPCs who like pretty things. If a merchant likes pretty things, Glymercole could be a quick and easy gift to try and maximize your affinity soon and start getting the discount in your store.

Glymercole weighs quite a bit and will require players to carry a lot of weight to get enough on a cave visit. Players can also summon additional pawns to help with loading.



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